Season Of KDE – Project Update 1

It’s been a long time since I have published my first blog on SoK. To make up for that, I plan on writing successive blog posts to catch you all up with the progress of my project, foKusfoKus is a simple task management app for plasma mobile. 

I have written why we need a dedicated task management app instead of using a calendar app to plan our days in my proposal for SoK. Here I want to highlight the main reason for the need for a dedicated task management app. Calendar apps are great for static events like meetings, appointments, etc. Tasks management apps are great for actionable items(tasks) that we need to do in a day or a week. Sometimes the Calendar might become overpopulated with the “tasks”(which may be small things like listening to a podcastwalk the dog) and might be counter-productive. Using the Calendar and the Task management app in tandem together, we can be our most productive selves. As the task management app isn’t heavy, it won’t affect the performance of the device(if that is your concern). 

Like most other apps of KDE, foKus is also built using the Kirigami and Qt. I had to start the app from scratch as there were no todo apps that I could use as a base for my app. As I was new to this community (and also to programming, this is my first coding project), these past 40 days have been a challenge. I had a tough time writing the backend logic as it was full of pointers, classes, and objects which I didn’t understand back then(admitting the weakness was the first sign of improvement). But with the help of my mentor, I am learning more than ever and getting better every day.

As of today, foKus is at a better place than I have expected it to be. The basic model of the app will be ready after I add the local storage(to store the tasks, which I plan on doing tonight or mostly by tomorrow). The user interface of the app is still crude. I’ll refine it once the basic model is ready. 

That’s it for this post, and thank you for reading. Until next time, cheers!

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