The new beginnings- Season Of KDE

Hello KDE community! I am Sai Moukthik Konduru, an undergrad from India. This pandemic gave me a chance to explore my interest in programming, and it has been a roller-coaster ride, to say the least. Recently I got to know about the concept of Open-source projects. The idea of collaborating and learning from the best and brightest minds across the globe has pumped me up so much that I started looking for organizations to work with. I found the KDE community thanks to a youtube video and got to know about the Season of KDE. I was not sure if I was good enough to be a part of Sok. But thanks to Devin Lin (who helped me make my first open-source contribution and is also my mentor for SoK), I am confident that I can complete this project as long as there is this huge community behind me.

A Brief description of my project:

At present, Plasma Mobile is a budding project, and there is a need for quality apps to make it bloom. Productivity apps are important for any platform, be it desktop or mobile. To make the productivity suite of plasma mobile better by a notch, we need a simple yet effective app and, foKus is aiming to be that. foKus will be a task management app that will help the user stay organized and manage their day-to-day tasks, thus making them productive. Many of the current to-do apps miss the right balance between simplicity and features and end up being counter-productive. The goal of foKus is to be the perfect productivity app, and below are the features that will make it the best. Features of the app: 

  • Simple yet beautiful UI. 
  • Ability to quickly enter the task. 
  • Ability to reorder the tasks. 
  • Ability to prioritize the tasks. 
  • Ability to set a reminder for the tasks. 
  • Ability to time the completed tasks to keep track of our performance. 
  • Have a “focus mode” which helps the user to focus on the tasks by locking out the unproductive apps(like social media). 
  • Cloud Sync, to access the list from any platform and from anywhere.

As the duration of SoK is less than three months, it is not possible to develop the perfect app. By the end of SoK, foKus will have the essential functionalities (the first few features from the above list) with a simple and elegant design. As the KDE community is active and ever-growing, we can keep on adding more and more features to the app and make it better every day. There is a lot of potential in this app, and through SoK, I plan to build a strong foundation for it to grow.

I have learned so much just by making a single contribution, and I can’t even imagine how much I can learn by participating in SoK.

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